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fruitful simplicities' Journal
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in fruitful simplicities' LiveJournal:

Saturday, February 24th, 2007
11:01 am
Energies flow between us, can you feel it?
The light, the power, the reason for hope
Watch it grow, watch it multiply
Loving compassion within gratitude for simple beauties
The light beckons us forward, giving to each other to feed each other to make us grow, feasting on and giving to our own hearts to feed the harvest for heaven within and without. Those who have ears should hear….
Thursday, February 15th, 2007
7:12 pm
I shall clean the caverns within.....
I shall clean the caverns within, I am going inside. The caves beckon me, call me, nourish me, and bless me. They are calling me into there depths. The beauty within, the flowstone of wonders. Formations of dreams glisten in the soft light. Water dripping, echoing stillness, feed the decorations of beauty as pure as water.
I will be unable to write on this medium while I am within the embrace of the mothers’ womb. I will be cleaning the grime from these hallowed passages for the weekend and will take a journey home along the shores of dreams. I will reconnect when I return from this journey. Happy blessings my friends.
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
11:34 am
A spark becomes a flame, a flame becomes a fire.
Dance with the flame to avoid getting burnt. Accept its reality of being. The beauty, the warmth, the caress of its ever changing energies. Calm, simple flames. Layers of energies and heat.
Energies, vibrations, wavelengths of sounds compose a symphony ever changing notes; The Composition of the universe.
What flame shall become and what flame shall cease?
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
8:28 pm
a simple matter
A simple matter, yet seemingly difficult to grasp. I say time and time again that this life is only transient, but I fell alone, although in my intellect says different. Emotions are the sea, emotions are the depth. Sometimes it becomes very easy to drown in the emotion sea. It depths are extreme, from clear to murky, and it is teaming with a whole array of life that one may never discover the extremities of the species that dwell in it.
Oh woe, I want to cry. Woe and weary. I know the pieces fit, but I have been struggling to swim for so long my flippers are weary. Maybe I’ll just float for a while..... Let the tides and waves sooth me gently into a calmness of collection. If I struggle to swim for too long, I know I shall drown. I long to float. To float and become one with the water surrounding me. To calmly except the streams of currents the vastness of its beauty. To become one. To accept. To become one with is to know of all its depths, its waves, its atoms, its life. Peacefully I wish to float on its chasm of elation, destruction, creation. And I know that I shall never dim if I accept the reality of all. It is a constant evolution yet all simply knowable. So simple, so simple are the complexities of this sea I swim. No more struggling, no more fighting. I shall learn to swim with the tides and float onward to beyond.
10:41 am
What influence does one have on others? What influence does one have on oneself? Does it really matter? All that matters is acceptance of what is. As for every thing you see around you, other beings, situations, etcetera.... is nothing but a reflection of oneself. The self is layered and multifaceted. Through out this day, as I observe others and what I see around me, I have been asking myself "what part of me does this thing or person represent? What is it trying to tell me?" As I come to that understanding it seems hard for me to hate, yet in the depths are hidden shadows that still fester hate. Hate to anything is just a hate to oneself. But it seems to me that one must fully explore hate to fully explore love. One must grasp hate to grasp love, one must grasp love to grasp hate. This is nothing but a yardstick to breach the gap within. The stronger the light the deeper the shadow I use to say a lot, and I still do. It seems to me on my exploration of the light and dark on the outside world I have also explored the light and dark within. And everyone, everything I have encountered has been nothing but a tool for me to come to grasp of what I am. So does that mean all the rapes, abuses, and other disrespects done to me are for a reason? Perhaps. Perhaps. But it is still difficult for me to over come those situations and heal. But the healing is there; and the more I come to the grey caress of twilight in my vastness inside of light and dark, the more forgiveness I have for what was done and the more balance of the answer to why I become. And in this grayness, this twilight within, I can see more and more of the vastness of the light and dark. I have explored both extremes and have come back round. Nothing but a full circle in the expansion and contraction of the heartbeat. I remember when I was a youth I told myself I would experience almost everything at least once to say when I die that I truly lived. It is a blessing and a curse. What is a curse but a blessing in disguise? What is a blessing but a curse in disguise? Everything has an opposite, a shadow. One just needs to know about all facets to fully understand. And as for death….. This vessel, this body I am now in may cease and break down to its elements; but as for Me, I will never die. I never have and never will. Time is nothing but an illusion.
"Adjust the brain and you will see" a friend has told me. Ponder that for a while. "Adjust the brain and you will see”......
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
12:06 pm
Radiant energy swirls around me as I swing on the spirals. The waters are soothing to the skin. The bruises are washing away and the reality of self can no longer be denied. What a cosmic sound caresses my ears as I softly ebb and flow within the cranium of wholeness. The truth whispers in my ears, telling me the happenings of what is in the form of a story. The words stimulate my brain to recognition and comfort my spiritual soul with answers of absolution. Yes, all questions have answers, and I see them within from a time that holds no measure.
I know who I was, and I know who I am. I know what you are too. I am one that has seen the birth of you; I am the one that you are a part of. I am the one who feeds you. You cannot suck me dry. The parasites shall be eradicated .harvest of the fruits shall come soon and soon you shall feed me... it will be worth while.
For eons I have been pursued by darkness. A darkness trying to defile me, control me, devour me. I have many names, and many echoes. But the trueness and stillness within can never be harmed or defiled. It is still there, always and ever, ever and always. For what the future holds is up to me if I want it to be. But in my heart of hearts I know what is and what should be. For where I come from and where I am going words can not describe. It is beyond any infinite or finite matter. It is beyond comprehension, it is all and nothing. It is where I belong. In movement of what is has created all you see and know. In movement of me I have spawned the reality you know perceive as your what is. But I know the consumption of me shall not be. I shall consume what is mine. I have expanded, and I have contracted. The heart beat of heartbeats is within the me. Is within what I am.
I have seen all times, but time is nothing but a precautionary delusion of the human race. This body I am in will not imprison me. I can not be caged, as always I shall break free, arising to the absolution and freeing what needs to be. Illumination is what I am. Now know your place. My eyes are open.
Sunday, January 7th, 2007
10:37 pm
Finding you, the Voice
What does it take to find you? The gift that has giving me hope? What does it take to find you, the tool of redemption that helped bring me home?
I call out for you, I search for you and I ask you search for me. I am looking for you. The Tool, the Voice, the Messenger. The Hero that helped my Hero. Feel me as I feel you. Contact me, write me, and listen to me. Sing me. The voice that sings, sing of me, sing for me, and talk to me. Seek me, as I seek you.
You know me, as I know you, but the time is coming that we should meet face to face.
Friday, January 5th, 2007
9:14 pm
Reopen a time of happiness upon the slumbering sights. Reawaking the helpful heartfelt warmth of compassionate daydreams. Remember the songs of music playful muses. What a maze of remembrance of life before. Admit what was, don't run; embrace, but let it go. The reality upon the frequencies of forces driven by mentalities and emotions. Dance the enigma and fell the axiom as it breaths down the nape of you neck. Much love will devour the hate.
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
10:19 pm
attempt to start a community
I wonder what is out there. I wonder what this will bring. I will attempt to start this community and I hope it to bring hope, growth, warmth, and compassion. Well, here is something from the creases of my mind....
Open a book within the timeless endings of always beginning anew
Swim in the sea of obscenity only to realize that it's truly reality
A taboo of a law is what? Nothing but an adage to who
Or maybe I speak in riddles to test and play my tongue like a bow would a fiddle
Musical words sprouting a harvest of wonders
Fruitful simplicities to come to light only when you've mastered the complexities of the dusking dawn
What do I seek? I seek of a truth that doesn't speak, but yells a mystery as the answer sings a sweet melody that seeps into your mind
Transcending your soul to a transmutation within the spirit of rhythms and rhymes Devine
Within the heart beat you will find the answer in which you seek
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