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Radiant energy swirls around me as I swing on the spirals. The waters are soothing to the skin. The bruises are washing away and the reality of self can no longer be denied. What a cosmic sound caresses my ears as I softly ebb and flow within the cranium of wholeness. The truth whispers in my ears, telling me the happenings of what is in the form of a story. The words stimulate my brain to recognition and comfort my spiritual soul with answers of absolution. Yes, all questions have answers, and I see them within from a time that holds no measure.
I know who I was, and I know who I am. I know what you are too. I am one that has seen the birth of you; I am the one that you are a part of. I am the one who feeds you. You cannot suck me dry. The parasites shall be eradicated .harvest of the fruits shall come soon and soon you shall feed me... it will be worth while.
For eons I have been pursued by darkness. A darkness trying to defile me, control me, devour me. I have many names, and many echoes. But the trueness and stillness within can never be harmed or defiled. It is still there, always and ever, ever and always. For what the future holds is up to me if I want it to be. But in my heart of hearts I know what is and what should be. For where I come from and where I am going words can not describe. It is beyond any infinite or finite matter. It is beyond comprehension, it is all and nothing. It is where I belong. In movement of what is has created all you see and know. In movement of me I have spawned the reality you know perceive as your what is. But I know the consumption of me shall not be. I shall consume what is mine. I have expanded, and I have contracted. The heart beat of heartbeats is within the me. Is within what I am.
I have seen all times, but time is nothing but a precautionary delusion of the human race. This body I am in will not imprison me. I can not be caged, as always I shall break free, arising to the absolution and freeing what needs to be. Illumination is what I am. Now know your place. My eyes are open.
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