Perhaps....... (tabat) wrote in tabats,

a simple matter

A simple matter, yet seemingly difficult to grasp. I say time and time again that this life is only transient, but I fell alone, although in my intellect says different. Emotions are the sea, emotions are the depth. Sometimes it becomes very easy to drown in the emotion sea. It depths are extreme, from clear to murky, and it is teaming with a whole array of life that one may never discover the extremities of the species that dwell in it.
Oh woe, I want to cry. Woe and weary. I know the pieces fit, but I have been struggling to swim for so long my flippers are weary. Maybe I’ll just float for a while..... Let the tides and waves sooth me gently into a calmness of collection. If I struggle to swim for too long, I know I shall drown. I long to float. To float and become one with the water surrounding me. To calmly except the streams of currents the vastness of its beauty. To become one. To accept. To become one with is to know of all its depths, its waves, its atoms, its life. Peacefully I wish to float on its chasm of elation, destruction, creation. And I know that I shall never dim if I accept the reality of all. It is a constant evolution yet all simply knowable. So simple, so simple are the complexities of this sea I swim. No more struggling, no more fighting. I shall learn to swim with the tides and float onward to beyond.
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