Perhaps....... (tabat) wrote in tabats,

attempt to start a community

I wonder what is out there. I wonder what this will bring. I will attempt to start this community and I hope it to bring hope, growth, warmth, and compassion. Well, here is something from the creases of my mind....
Open a book within the timeless endings of always beginning anew
Swim in the sea of obscenity only to realize that it's truly reality
A taboo of a law is what? Nothing but an adage to who
Or maybe I speak in riddles to test and play my tongue like a bow would a fiddle
Musical words sprouting a harvest of wonders
Fruitful simplicities to come to light only when you've mastered the complexities of the dusking dawn
What do I seek? I seek of a truth that doesn't speak, but yells a mystery as the answer sings a sweet melody that seeps into your mind
Transcending your soul to a transmutation within the spirit of rhythms and rhymes Devine
Within the heart beat you will find the answer in which you seek
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