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fruitful simplicities
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I dance an endless dance, always and ever, ever and always. What an enigma I embrace. What a tasteful tragedy I taste. What is life divine but a simplistic Gnostic rhyme? Only once said, always heard. The road is hard, yet simple if you know. Education of the unborn inside your mind. Come forth, my dear ones, give you ear to hear. What I speak, one may ask. But if one lives, they already know. Awaken the divinity within. A new age awaits the awakening of those never dead. Smile compassion, be the one within. What time is it to let go all false ways. A timeless ending never was beginning. Live the moment for now, this body, this breath. Live my friends, speak to me upon the plain of light. Eternal fire and living water arise within, devour the darkness, live forever, and renew the force. We are here, we are awakening, and we are alive. The artistic vibrations bring forth life and creation every second, every thought, every breath. Think only good; speak only of good to live in goodness. Stand strong my friends, for life shall live on. The time of awaking is now. Come forth, be simple to simply be. We are here, so listen. Truly, truly I say to thee, be of good heart and trust in me.